The beach and cove at Calobra is the number one tourist destination in Mallorca. It is a beautiful place; it looks like “The Beach” from Leonard DiCaprio’s “The Beach” ….although that beach is actually Koh Pi Pi in Thailand.

You can get to Calobra by boat. Or you can drive, bike or Vespa. The road to Calobra is amazing, and frankly it provides as much fun and beauty as the beach itself.

The road trip to Calobra reminds me of my visits to Yosemite and Lake Tahoe. I ride my Vespa and its a fantastic and beautiful adventure

The Winding road down to Collabra
Big Rocks and Beautiful Trees on the Road to Collabra, Mallorca. Looks like Yosemite
Rock Tunnel on the road to Collabra, Majorca
Road to Calobra, Mallorca


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Ca’n Pera Accomodations

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