Known for its large scenic harbor and a long crescent waterfront promenade, Port de Sóller is recognized throughout Europe as luxury family vacation destination. The Port has an large boating harbor with many Yachts, pleasure boats and fishing boats. In addition to a numerous seasonal hotels and residential buildings, there are many fine restaurants and shops. On the southern end of the harbor is Repic Beach which has a long but narrow sandy beach and a protected area for swimming and beach activities.

As the harbor is almost a full circle with a relatively narrow exit to the Balearic sea, boats are largely protected from adverse sea conditions. The water is generally calm with few waves.

Two picturesque light houses sit on the the headlands where the bay opens to the sea. With the Serra de Tramuntana Mountains rising from the Bay and its estuary, there are many trails and roads which offer dramatic spectacular views. As the Promenade is on the center east side of the Bay and the opening to the Sea is due West, visitors on the promenade and beach can enjoy spectacular sunsets through the spring and summer seasons

The sandy Repic Beach at Port de Sóller

Hotels along the promenade of Port de Sóller. The towering Serra de Tramuntana moutains in the background
Lighthouse at the sea entrance to Port de Sóller
View of Port de Sóller from the mountains above
the historic electric tram which carries passengers from the Port de Sóller promenade to Sóller

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